Fibroblast Skin and Beauty

What is Brow Lamination treatment? 

Brow Lamination is a method of changing the shape of the brows and setting them in place. It is performed using various solutions that change the structure of the brow. Brows that are unevenly clumped together and look untidy can be transformed into a full and clean look and can create a nice difference to your client's features. 

How long does the treatment take? 

During the procedure, you will fill in the consultation form and this will be roughly up to 5 minutes. The treatment can take 20-40 minutes depending on each client's request. 

What should I avoid after my treatment? 

• Keep brows dry for AT LEAST 24 hours​

• Do not apply make-up or receive any other eye treatments (waxing, plucking, lash extensions, etc) for at least 24 hours after your treatment. 

• NO swimming/sauna for 24 hours   

• Avoid the temptation to over touch the brow area after treatment. Touching can add oils to the area (from fingers/hands) and could clog the open pores

• Do not allow prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat; the use of tanning beds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours

  • No sweating/exercise for 24 hours

• Do not apply Retin-A, AHA or exfoliate around the brow area for three days before and after the treatment 

• No self-tanning products should be used on the face for 48 hours after treatment 

Which products are used during the treatment? 

We have researched and developed high-quality professional Brow Lamination products. For our Brow Lamination treatments, we only use our exclusive Fibroblast Skin and Beauty vegan and cruelty-free brow products. Firstly, we will cleanse the brows to remove any make-up, dirt or oils. Secondly, we will apply the Lifting solution while styling your brows to your desired look. Thirdly, we apply the fixing solution which will be the key to keeping your brows in shape for the next couple of weeks. Lastly, we apply a nourishing oil to hydrate and protect your brows.  

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