Which courses do you deliver?

Fibroblast Skin and Beauty Academy provides; - Fibroblast Plasma Pen courses (1-1 and Online) - Dermaplane course (1-1 and Online) - BB Glow (1-1 and Online) - Skin Needling (1-1 and Online) - Fat Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening (1-1 and Online) - Skin Anatomy & Physiology (Online) - Lash Extension and Lash Lift (Online) - Brow Lamination (1-1 and Online)

What are your modes of training courses?

We deliver both masterclasses, one-on-one training and online courses.

Do you have any payment plans for courses?

Yes, we offer AfterPay payment plans.

Please contact us for more information.

I am from not from Australia. Can I still enrol in a course?

Yes, of course! If the course provides an online delivery, then you can definitely enrol in it.

Do you provide certified courses? What certifications do the trainers have?

Yes. Our trainers have completed the revelant treatment courses and have attained certificates (sometimes more than 1 and are 2x certified) in delivering the course treatments to clients. They have also completed their traning and assessment course which has enabled them to carefully select, plan, develop and deliver their own courses in areas that they are specliaised and certified in. In this case, our trainers are able to implement these courses to train their trainees in the above courses. Upon completion of our course from the trainees, they will be provided with a cerification of their own provided by Fibroblast Skin and Beauty Academy. We are also a registered Australian business.

What are the Terms and Conditions on training courses?

See our Terms and Conditions here

Online Training Courses Vs. 1-1 Training Courses

Both our 1-1 and Online training courses follow the same outline. The same written and physical exercises are provided in both options. All online training courses have: - Unlimited access and continue to have lifetime access even after completion. - No timer or time limits. You can complete the training at any time, even if it is a week, in a few months or a year. - Can be accessed anywhere or at anytime. - Online support All 1-1 training courses have: - 1 day of training - Take home workbook manual - Take home examination - Online support

How does Online Training work?

You can purchase online training via our Shop page. You can begin the course at any time and complete at your own pace. If you have purchased a kit, we will ship this out to you within 3-7 business days (unless you are international it will take longer). You can immediately begin the learning module as there is much to learn before beginning the practical portion of the course.

How do I access the Online Training Members Portal?

Upon purchase, you will be contacted by Fibroblast Skin and Beauty with instructions on how to access the online training. In order for you to access your online training you need to sign up as a member on so you can access the learning portal. To access your training, please follow the steps below; 1. Sign up as a member to on our website 2. Stay logged on your account on the website 3. We will then add your membership profile to the training (Please allow us some time for this and for us to add you to the training - we will notify you when we have added you) 4. Click onto the website page tabs and click onto “Members Portal" 5. Click onto the "training" you have purchased 6. Start training!

How does 1-1 Training work?

You can purchase online training via our Shop page or contact us to arrange payment. We will book in a training date and time with a non-refundable $300 deposit. The remaining training payment must be paid 1 week prior to the training date. On the training day, you will receive all take-home module booklets, examination booklets, sample consulation forms, sample aftercare forms and if you have purchased a kit you will receive your kit.

Can I get a refund for Online or 1-1 training courses?

All of our trainings are strictly non-refundable. In education, not all people have the drive to succeed and finish what they start. We do our best to set our professionals to succeed every step of the way.

Do you offer In-Salon or Group Training?

Yes, we offer both in-salon training. This means we are able to hold the training in your salon.

We also offer group training for your and your workers.